Course title: Hypercourse on Bioinformatics


      Bioinformatics has a large impact on biological research. Giant research projects such as the human genome project would be meaningless without the bioinformatics component. Bioinformatics allows scientists and researchers to conduct a research using computer programs before actually conducting the actual research to verify the result from the computer. The Hypercourse on Bioinformatics is developed to provide basic knowledge on Bioinformatics via virtual means such as the Internet and CD-ROM to those who are interested in taking the course. The course can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Course description:

      Bioinformatics is a bright new field. It is an integration of mathematical, statistical and computer methods to analyze biological, biochemical and biophysical data. Students will be introduced to the basic concepts behind Bioinformatics and Computational Biology tools.

Course objectives:

      To provide a basic virtual learning on Bioinformatics for master degree and Ph.D. candidate students and those who are interested in upgrading their knowledge in this field.

Credit: 3 credits

Course duration: 3 months

Intended audience:

1. Graduate level students in science and science-related disciplines
2. ASEAN scientists and researchers

Course components:

1. Introduction
2. Search Engine
      2.1. Before Search (Meta Taq)
      2.2. Structure of Search Engine (introduction)
      2.3. Basic Search
      2.4. Advance Search
      2.5. Image Search
      2.6. Translate Tools
4. DNA Sequence Analysis
5. Primer-Probe Design
6. BioEdit
      7.1. Download and Installation of PHYLIP
      7.2. Clustal X
      7.3. Seqboot application
      7.4. DNAdist application
      7.5. Neighbor application
      7.6. Consense application
8. Proteomic tool
9. Melanie (Viewer for 2D Gel)
10. 3D view
11. E-cell
12. Introduction to neural
13. SNP Analysis
14. SQL Database